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Jacki Lane

Group General Manager


Following a highly successful career in Christchurch as part of the ownership and management team of Gold Real Estate Group, more recently Jacki returned home to Auckland to be closer to her parents and family. 

Exceedingly professional and highly accountable, she has a reputation for getting things done!  Passionate about the business development, Jacki derives enormous satisfaction and pleasure from one-on-one mentoring of our sales people and teams across the Group.  Dedicated to further development and education, Jacki works closely with the business owners to deliver the Group’s training programmes. 

Her disarming, pragmatic and hands-on approach disguises an exceptionally competitive and driven resolve!  Highly energetic, Jacki’s passion and commitment to excellence is evident in all that she does.  She has an annate talent for bringing out the best in people, and growing a culture of success and excellence.    

If you are considering a career in real estate, or looking to take your current real estate career “next level”, start by discussing your future with Jacki today!